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United States Colonial Marine armor Answered

hey, does anyone have any idea as how to make this, besides vaccuform? if you do, please PLEASE post!



2 years ago

That top set is one I made. I offer them in my store at spatcave.com

The process that is used to make the armor would be the same.
get pepakura viewer, its free
then go to one of the forums, and ask for the files for this armor
then follow the instructions for the halo armor, only for the USCM.
it is very simple, though will eat up some time and money

for the files, i suggest goingto

just ask for them if you are too lazy to use the search on the site

 game over man game over

erm.... these are completely different things. USCM armor is from the 1986 movie Aliens, Halo is, well, Halo. Aliens deals with Xenomorphs, Halo deals with the covenant.

I'm not up on movie themes, but construction techniques would be similar, even if you are working with aluminum plates. It looks like you need a bunch of fastex buckles and web straps if you want to replicate the look. Search for gmjhowe's use of drybrushing to get that distressed weathered metal faux finish.