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Unusual Cupcake Icings? Answered

I was just wondering if there was any unusual cupcake icings I could make as my cupcakes are a bit boring- buttercream, 'water icing' etc.
So if you have any ideas can you let me know!


I have used mashed potatoes to mess with the kids sneaking the cupcakes while im setting up other trays of cupcakes . little weird but not bad


5 years ago

Have you tried çoffee icing? That is super divine on 'not so sweet' chocolate cake! Yummy

Water icing (i'm not sure it's the proper name) is where you mix 2 tbsp of icing sugar to 1 tbsp of cold water to make a basic icing! Wow thanks for all the ideas for cupcake toppings :) I will try some out soon! :D

I have never heard of water icing! Could you explain it?
You could dip the cupcakes in chocolate ganache, top them with a cooked meringue and then use a blow-torch to give them that lemon-meringue-pie top, pipe them with your usual buttercream then roll them in chopped nuts, crushed cookies, sprinkles, etc. If you're looking for unusual *flavours*, well... I've found just about anything can be incorporated into buttercream somehow!