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Up for a challenge..? Answered

So... I was wondering, would anyone be up for a challenge? Here it is: USB powered strobe lights, sound reactive. We got lots of geniuses here, but no one makes this little gadget. They have them on the back of the DS's X3, four lights in each side of the cartridge that react to the music that plays through the DS speakers. But, of course, not outside of a DS cartridge, apparently. Could you do it? Are you brave enough, smart enough, quick enough to be the first? Hm. Lets see it. If you do, post ideas and progress here. Seems like an interesting little project.


Why not take one of the inexpensive ($6.99 US) usb 5.1 sound devices then add a pic cpu to digitize the audio and then use the output to drive a string of LEDs that are synchronized to the music, tempo, volume. If the leds where driven with a pwm driver the wiring would be only a stereo headphone jack output do a power driver box that would let you drive as many leds as you want.

Would anyone be willing to actually make this? Maybe a instructable on it?

I made a sound reactive LED mod for my computer, I just followed the acid mods instructions and it worked fine!

Do you mean the PSP LED mod? I'm looking for a system to build that will not just turn on or off with sound, but will grow in intensity with louder tones.

Looks interesting. Thanks, I hadn't known about this before.


10 years ago

Here's something to TRY... I recently used it for a giant analog meter and it should work with LM3914 3915 3916 LED drivers also. I changed the diode to the LED and removed the meter here. The Pot should be adjusted for the minimum detectable sound, which can be quite sensitive. The capacitor called ELECTRET is a "cheap condenser mic". I didn't bother looking up which USB pins are the 5 volt power.


Please! If you're going to use Eagle, use the checks below the tool palette! Your schematic has at least two errors that make it very difficult to follow. IE: Pins 3 & 4 and the cap on pin 6 going through the chip.

Thanks for advice... First time using Eagle for a schematic... I only started using Eagle recently for quick laserprinted PCBoards. Before that since 1995 I used Paint. Before that, DIY BASIC stuff. What do you like using for schematics and PCB's? Anything for Linux?

Actually I would recommend Eagle. It takes a bit of practice though. One suggestion is to spread out your work so that lines don't intersect at connection points. Take a look at westfw's Tutorial on using Eagle.