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Update! The Secret Service is Calling Me! Help!! I Got his number! Answered

I don't know if you recall from an early form topic but I was receiving a lot of prank calls almost daily telling me to join the secret service. It was really pissing me off. Well I got his number. Don't ask me how but I have got it.
His Name is Tony Mathews.
Home Number: 608 233-8343
If you want to spam him, call him back that would be great. But be sure not to link him back to me and instructables.
Thanks and have a good time,


Yeah, he goes to my school. He is this lame ass senior who enjoys calling freshmen and kind stalks them. Our freshmen class president is gay (He openly says that) and he is getting stalked by him. Gets like 10 text messages and weird creepy messages.

Just put it on 4chan. Tell them to call and say something sexy. My cousin did it to one of his friends, and from what I gathered, he didn't like it too much.

But be sure not to link him back to me and instructables. - I think you just did that yourself. It may take a few days for the search engines to pick it up, but he should be able to search for links to his name or email and that will bring him directly back to you ;-)


Pat. Pending

Lowering one's self to the level of another is never a good idea.

true, thats why he is giving us the number lol

yeah i know. But that is why I giving you all the number. Just trying to give him a taste of his own medicine. :) (I was planning on taking down the number in a few days)

Giving him a "taste of his own medicine" IS lowering yourself to doing the same thing he does. That makes you no better.

Yeah, well I don't really feel to bad. You know he probably called me at least 500 times over the last 5 months so I really don't feel to bad about prank calling him back.

Well, I wasn't really trying to invoke guilt, just thought. :-)

hence why i took that particular burning question answer.... but i've heard it all from prank call and I mean it all, knowing at least 500people that know you and have your number has its disadvantages, also some say lucky with girls but that would imply the lack of ex's in my opinion, one of the best tricks is to answer the phone as someone else, someone they really wouldn't want to prank like pretend to be a relation/friend whatever who knows who they are, you already know who they are making this even worse for them...

...but sure is fun! On a serious note, I agree with Goodhart.

It could just be their kids, from past experiences I would think its rather nasty to attempt to annoy them especially if its their kids causing the trouble. I used to have people calling me on my cell and it really does put the shakes into me as i was a kid at the time, if I hear the 007 polyphonic phone tone it still gives me the shakes. Kids need a level of anarchy.

Yeah. Just block his number, don't send anything to him. And if he continues. You can call the police, or change your number (harassment). The last thing you want to do is harass him back, becuase if you do, well, you will be just as dumb as he is.

whats the area code?

Oh yeah, BTW if you live in California call at around 10 at night because that is 12 here :)