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Useless Machine was on The Colbert Report! Answered

Make Magazine's editor-in-chief, Mark Frauenfelder was on the CR promoting his new book and he brought a few gadgets with him.  Imagine my surprise when he brought out the Useless Machine.

After letting Colbert try the machine, Mark explains that it's only function is to turn itself off.  The audience laughs and Colbert says "I'll tell you what it does Mark...it breaks my heart."

I guess I should mention that the machine will be featured in the next MAKE magazine and that was why Mark brought it on the show!

My mind is officially blown.

Mark had sent me a heads-up letting me know about this, but I didn't receive it until after watching the show.  I'm a regular viewer of the CR so for me this was especially sweet.  Thanks Mark!




I went on the front page today, and this featured forum topic was next to the ible about it (I think the ible got re-featured).

No, it's just popular. I don't think an i'ble could get re-featured anyways...

Instructables can be re-featured, but that can only be done by Staff messing with the database directly. The Feature Team can't do it.

Oh. Well then you could probably say "recognized", to not confuse people...


What the banner actually says is Popular, indicating that it has received a large number of views in the past couple of days (presumably as a result of Mark's appearance on The Colbert Report).

Something went wrong, because I never posted that comment...


Did you perhaps try to write two different comments in this thread, very close together in time? I've had the experience twice now, after posting a comment, having my second comment in the same thread disappear, and become a repost of the first one. I've had to delete and rewrite, and then it's fine.

Oh, well yes, I did post 2 different comments within a short amount of time...

I was going to ask who is in the Feature Team?

The Feature Team conists of Instructables' staff plus a couple of dozen long-time users who've been asked by Eric to assist with the featuring process. Most of the members of the team are in the Feature Team group.

Lots of people like Kiteman! I do, Nacho does, Lithium Rain does,... He can come of a bit rough at times, but usually only to people who say stupid things :-)

You do! You've been around about as long as I have; but I see the point. I'm wondering, does only one person decide per instructable, or do a lot of people have to agree if an instructable is featured worthy?

Yes, I certainly do like Kiteman! Don't you? I know there are some people around here who don't like him, but that's usually because they fall into the category of people to whom he needs to explain things with small words and short sentences.

lol, I think you misunderstood me...

...anyways, of course I like Kiteman!

By re-featured, I mean that the ible appears on the front page again after it appeared on the front page a few weeks back.

That'll happen if something is featured, which pushes it to the front page, and then later becomes popular, pushing it to the front page again.

Oh. Well then you could probably say "recognized", to not confuse people...


It is Popular -- there's an orange banner in the corner that says so.

DIY gets the Colbert Bump! Thanks Everyone! Especially Mark Frauenfelder and Stephen Colbert.


8 years ago

Fantastic! Congrats!

Yeah! Congrats! This is fantastic!

I could I have sworn I thought of that invention first...

I just saw this and I couldn't believe it!! It was so awesome to see DIY on one of my favorite shows! :D

Beautiful. It's just beautiful!!! I LOVE IT!!!

Most awsome'st thing evar!


Cool - do you have a link to a clip?

"Sorry, videos not currently available in your country."

Bleach. Sorry about that, Kiteman. Not something I can readily test :-(


8 years ago

I loved the useles machine, so I just want to say:
Nice job!

(In instructables orange!)

That is so cool! Congratulations!

Bringing the Maker spirit to the main stream! Awesome!

I've just got one thing to say,



8 years ago

Nice job Sask!

Ha ha I saw he was going to be on it. What did you do when you saw it?