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Video projection on glass? Answered


I was doing some resources on how to achieve a rear projection on transparent surfaces like glass, but without of much success (there are projects on this site, but all are using a black projection material).

I would like to do it on a shop window using a projector. I have found out that I need some special foil to get this working, but most of them are black and not transparen and there are a lots of brands.

I am wondering if there would be a DIY solution, maybe a frosted white sticker cut to the size would work, to still keep a level of transparency on of the window.

Suggestions are welcomed!



5 years ago

I was doing some more researching and found out that, for the best results I need a quality engineered film.

I would try Vueinti's DarkVue film, does anyone tried this product before. So far I was reading only positive comments about them.


Just to be clear yo want the projector on the inside of the sop to project the image so people can see it from the outside!? There are special glass treatments and covers that can be used for this. A thin white sheet of paper or cloth will work. The dark black mats you've been looking at are for front projection. Where the image needs to reflect off the surface not show through it.

Are you looking to make a clear see through pane of glass or a foggy translucent pane of glass? That film is engineered to collect, focus and transmit the light from the projector and the black matrix that the microscopic "light tunnel beads" are encapsulated in increases the contrast. I think you need to experiment to find the level of acceptable clarity and brightness of the projected image.