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Virtual Room Designers Answered

Wondering if anyone has tried these virtual programs before doing a remodel or DIY project and if you find them helpful? Are there any other ones out there that are useful?

Virtual Color: Select custom colors and the right paint, sheen and amount to help you visualize your next project. http://dutchboy.swatchbox.com/managemyhome/main.asp

Virtual Kitchen: Mix and match countertops with cabinetry to find out what combination works http://searsmmhkt.mvm.com/sears_mmhkt_ctx/jsp/sim.jsp%3frefer=searsmmhkt1.mvm.com

Virtual garage: Try a variety of organizational units in your space to suit your storage needs.


for placement : paint. draw the room and its contents in the right proportions (X pixels = 1 M / 1 FT) and let the selection tool work !

for design : i just do what i like and dont want computer simulation

. For this project, Paint (pixel based) would, IMNSHO, be a poor choice. A "draw" program (object based) would make scaling, moving stuff around, rotating, &c much easier.

. From my experience (very limited and quite a while ago), the online designers are adequate for very small jobs and doing your initial what-ifs. Usually very limited as to the objects available. Saving plans is not always an option. I didn't want to install the plug-in, so I didn't look at the Sears designers.
. Depending on how much detail you need, a simple "draw" program may fit your needs. If you need a BOM or other "advanced" features, try looking on SourceForge.