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Voting section of instructables robot contest Answered

post whose drawing/pic you like best here! the contest ends march 14th. in one week. see the drawing/pics https://www.instructables.com/forum/TP6J5HBFDI91FDH/



the contest has ended and caitlinsdad is the winner! congrats! you will recieve an instructables robot t-shirt!

I would have enjoyed what you might have created. Take this as a lesson though, if you learn to draw with ancient pen and pad, you can commit your ideas a lot faster than waiting for the computer to boot up and not restrain your creativity.

Actually I gave up on the computer instead of bothering with photoshop and went for the pen and paper, then the computer caught me out... I will force it to accept these methods and commit them to the interweb eventually, I've done alot of computer stuff but I'm far better at drawing things than digiting things...

I vote for Caitlinsdad overall. All of them. Every single one.

i vote for whatshisfaces einstein robot

I vote for caitlinsdad's the bot side!