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People refer to this type of teenage dancing all the time, but i still haven't caught what it is! Someone please, if u know.... tell me! haha thx


It's too bad there isn't some sort of online resource which you could use to find out for yourself. Maybe someone should invent one....

look, i have an instructables account, so why should i not use it? I wanted to actually hear from people, not from just the internet. I wanted to hear what actually people thought and not an answer coming from a bunch of different people. I wanted to hear an honest answer straight from the horse's mouth, thank you very much.

Instructables is just the internet, and as kelsey' points out it's a DIY area of the internet. Do It Yourself, means that you have a stab at using the internet to find out first.
If you just want answers there's a lot of the internet that does answers.
If you do want to hear what real people think, you need to get out and talk to them.


Why would you think that a site dedicated to do-it-yourself construction projects would be "experts" on teenage dance fads? Presumably there are whole Web sites devoted to that sort of thing.

Yeah but Google doesn't give you sarcastic answers, some people like that! :p


6 years ago

YouTube it. http://www.youtube.com/user/theofficialtwerkteam?blend=1&ob=4