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WRONG WRONG WRONG adverts Answered

Ok, now, is it just me, or has the 'standard' of adverts gone down on this site? I don't mind the adverts that relate to the page topic, sometimes there useful, i can even cope with the spinning flashing gifs. But, this NSFW advert, is not good. Its not fun when checking out ibles at work, to get this thrown up on your screen. Also, its not much of a 'family' site with naked people. I am aware that -ibles remains free because of the adverts, and id rather put up with nsfw adverts than loose it alltogether, but is there not a way of 'choosing' the adverts a bit more selectivley?


And there's one with a thong... We also seem to be getting a lot of the blinking "you have a message" or "you are a winner" adverts. They suck in the gullible, and they're just plain annoying.

For some averts, they even know exactly what time it says on your computer! :-O

because they are flash, dur dur dur...Flash is given your system time...

Hmm, that means they must be sucking up my computer's ram too... >:-(

im glad its not just me getting annoyed with them. You think they would realise i don't want a Philippine bride already.

I've had all of the aforementioned ones, along with a "YOU'VE WON OUR HOURLY PRIZE!!!!" one, but this one takes it to another level. It has a beep that goes off every couple of seconds until you click on it.

ah yes. I also came accross one that alters your browser windows size, pops up a message, then auto-downloads a 'pc spyware checker' Which is pretty nasty, however, being a mac user, the downloaded file just kinda sits on my desktop waiting for nothing to happen.

Oh I've had that, but not from iBles. Windows actually stopped the file downloading before my antivirus did. I was shocked.

haha, yeah, its a pain cos i then have to resize my browser again. Very quick reply btw, im impressed.

ah i see, well, do you have -ibles set up to email you with every new comment then? ive just switched mine to one email a day! got sick of getting about 40 odd emails each day. I have pop3 set up in mail.app.

I have one email per comment, but GMail groups all unread from Intructables Robot together.

this one and the window resizing one are perhaps flash ? they never happened to me

on the chatroom, i get this message: MEET SINGLE PERSIANS ONLINE!. why the hell would i want to do that????????????

Wait! Those aren't real!

I thought I was a winner :(

Thinks: So that's why it keeps saying "cannot find operating system, system32 files missing." right after that message popped up about all my folders from my C:/ drive being hosted on the internet.....

Install adblockplus firefox add on, Its free, i use it, another reason why not to go pro...

it seems other people suggested it allready...


9 years ago

I use the Adblock Plus add-on for Firefox.
I didn't reallyhave to do anything to set it up and it takes care of pretty much every advertisement :)
Problem solved!

. I've setup ABP to allow ads on Ibles, but I can still block the obnoxious* ones with a click.
  • A bare butt doesn't bother me, I hate the ones that flash/blink/strobe.

until then, flash block plus for Firefox!

Now I know where you live... Pardon if I'm wrong, but is she not asian?

yeah the further crapness of this is that i live no where near to west bromwich.

Ahh... (x's central england out on map) That makes sense...

There are multiple parties involved with serving our ads. In short, Instructables has a bunch of ad networks, and those networks compete with each other to show impressions. Unless you're familiar with Firebug and can navigate through the page's code, it can be quite difficult to determine where an ad is coming from.

So, I just built this:
It's not perfect, but it will help you figure out which network might be the culprit.

An interesting thing to note is that ad are localized. I don't see ads like this at all. That might be because I'm in the US, and we're more Puritanical than the UK, or that San Francisco is a high enough priced location ad-wise that we're sold out on another type of ad and there's not room left for dating ads. Or, that it takes naked women to get people in West Bromwich to click on the ads -- I don't know.

In any case, check out the ad networks Instructable and once you've determined which network is the cause, I'll take care of it.

Finally, community blog is an inappropriate place for a topic such as this. Please put further feedback in the feedback section.

The adverts were for www.mate1.com, that appears to be an either British or international dating website. The network was CPX interactive according to the target URL of the advert.

Ditto others' comments about the flashing "YOU HAVE WON BLAH-DE-BLAH" adverts, they are incredibly irritating but not exactly offensive, except to my intelligence.

Excellent; this is information I can act on.

i know,its localised because I once got a laptop ad in Turkish

Thanks eric, for a brilliant response as always, ive had a look at that ible, but most the adverts on there i have never seen before, i will keep checking tho,

Also, i will make sure to put this in the right section next time

And you all say I spend too much time on here....I never see these (not that I want to). Maybe it is the weird time of day (or night) that I can be on?

I am normally on fairly early in the morning, and then again, much later at night....although I did catch that one person whose avatar was very inappropriate (I don't remember his moniker). *sigh*

was that recent ? Or the one I saw, oh, before I had my operation ?

I was meaning to make a thread about these... Though at first the computer was somehow poking fun at me, the thought slowly turned in to annoyance rather than crackpot theories.

Staffers don't have complete control over the ads - I'm guessing they "subscribe" to an ad company and said company "chooses" ads for the site - and this has happened in the past. Just PM one of TPTB, they'll fix it right quick.

. Judging by past complaints and comments, staff does have quite a bit of control over which ads appear and they do "prune" inappropriate ads.
. I'm guessing that the recent Austin Maker Faire has taken up most of their time as of late. They should be back "on patrol" before long.
. Keep reporting inappropriate ads - staff can't keep an eye on everything.