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Wallets Answered

I need some ideas for materials to use to make a cool wallet, give me anything that can work for a wallet.


try making one out of endoplasmic reticulum fibers!


9 years ago

I once made a wallet entirely out of "Fragile" tape... I'd love to make one out of danger tape (man, so many things I'd do with danger tape if I could get any). Kite nylon? An old pair of jeans? Two old pairs of jeans in different colours? Laminated copies of paper money? (Yadda yadda photocopying money may be illegal, check your local laws etc.)
The binding of a paperback book or diary?

Some of Sarah Palin's clothes from a charity bin?

Wait until nicht go to a construction zone and somehow get it unknowingly stuck to your pants. how about McCain

 you could make a wallet out of playing cards and packaging tape, or just clear packaging tape

How about a wallet made out of a upholstery material like from a couch, sew it together and make a zipper on the pocket for the money and the cards so nothing falls out!

Check out jamesbond wallet

Of course, try my Magic Duct Tape Wallet! It's just duct tape and cardboard.

But seriously. Something new... Something that you wouldn't see in the average wallet...


Aluminum Foil. Use multiple layers of aluminum foil and some spray adhesive to bind them. Might work.

Posters. Like AC/DC posters, Drug and Alcohol awareness posters, etc.

Wrapping Paper. While I'm still on paper materials.

Old tires. There was an instructable on here where that used old motorcycle tires.

Chain mail! Just came to me. Might be hard for a wallet. But howabout a chain mail man purse! Or coin purse.

Human skin....

Laminated things, like pressed leaves, or stickers, or a laminated dollar bill! It would take a little effort, and a lot of planning (and a laminator, or a laminator at a craft store).

Restaurant menus.

Soup Labels.




The outside of a basketball.

The inside of a basketball.

Any outside or inside of a sports ball.

Candy Wrappers.

I'll get back to you when I have more time!

and leather too adding to the list : blown cell phone of the type that opens with hinge

few papers - stick em between 2 big fridge magnets or make fridge magnets binder for coins - anything that puts them in pressure is good and successfull in making them silent. if they are thin you may put them between 2 thin plastic or wood plates with neo magnets on the outside to make it all flat (magnets - plate - coins - some thin padding - plate - magnets). if they are really small diameter stack them in a tube like 2AA flashlight (instead of batteries) and compress with spring / magnets / padding. be creative with geometry and packaging. i usually just wrap the bunch tight in a piece of cloth to make it silent and tie with a tie wrap closed in the wrong direction (to make it possible to open) btw any 2AA or 2C flashlight can be converted to 1AA / 1C + coin storage (and still function as dim incandescent flashlight - or bright LED one using joule thief) for RFID stuff ya wanna shield : add foil to whatever you put it in

Metal plates, with hinges of riveted neoprene? Thin sheets of wood? Woven raffia? Papyrus?

Make a mouse wallet, with a lil' zipper in his back.