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Wanted resources for new learners Answered

Hi, i'm an Information technology student, but i'm very much interested in electronics and robotics. I saw many video tutorials and other web pages to learn, but I still cant get enough information's like why to use them and how to use them( I had to browse a lot in internet, but there are lots of them, don't know which one to select). Is there any resource that could teach me electronics easily and deeply.I prefer video tutorials. If there is please share with me :-)


Hi Ray. Learning Electronics easily *and* deeply are almost contradictory requests IMHO. You can learn easily but not so deeply ( see eevblog.com for example) or deeply but not so easily. For the later I would suggest the many excellent University YouTube channels like UC Berkley or IIT that offer complete introductory electronics courses in video format.
Another option are introductory Electronics books. These may give you a more coherent introduction to these topics than browsing through webpages that are often disconnected..

thank u prenato. could u suggest some good books for starting, which teaches where it can be used and for what it can be used ( like, capacitor is used for storing and also to reduce noise---my book doesn't say about the usage of capacitor for noise control ).

sorry guys , I think i posted in a wrong section. please dont get mad at me. I'm new to instructables . But please dont hesitate to send me the resources, if know anything.