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Wanting some help with a project Answered

I wanted to replace the light bulbs in my ceiling with a LED Bawls bottle chandelier. I already know how to make the frame for it but was wondering if you guys could help me with the Wiring specifics, and how many LED's you think I need.


None of them are on the scale I am thinking of, and none even seem to come up as being able to plug into a light socket.

in a pinch, you can get a "screw in" socket. What I mean is, that it screws into the light bulb socket and gives you a socket for a normal plug (instead of a bulb).

You may need to get your hands on a transformer first, just a wall wart or an old cellphone charger, then use the bawls bottle instructables from there, the wiring is simply modding either the light socket or and old bulb to fit the two together, If it's permanent I'd suggest putting the transformer up inside the ceiling and running a wire out and down the chain holding it up rather than have the ugly box hanging from the ceiling.

look at one of the bawls instructbles and go from there