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Weed whacker motor? Answered

OK when I start the motor its going at full throtlle and if you pull the throtlle it does not do any to the speed. Yes it has a clutch PLAESE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!



Best Answer 7 years ago

The throttle is stuck open or something like that.

When you pull the trigger, do you see the throttle crank on the carburator turn?  If yes then the throttle plate in side the carb. is broken off and there is nothing to control the flow of air.  Take it in for repair.

If no then either the cable is broken, disconnected or the throttle shaft is frozen open.   Clean repair or take it in for service.

I have taking the back part off to see the carburator    and the throttle wire is still on the throttle and I can  control the air.

Then if the throttle shaft turns the throttle plate has come off. I don't know of any way the motor can run at full speed with the throttle closed.