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Well, I think is it time for me to.... Answered

...start knuckling down and making some of the more interesting things I have wanted to make (all the while still looking for the parts for what I have already started)....I spend a wee bit too much time exercising my fingers and the the brain seems to be going soft. (hmmm, you didn't think I was leaving or anything, huh? I will leave when they pry my cold dead fingers from my keyboard LOL (with apologies to Charlton Heston).

I am going to start simple.....I am going to make this look a little better and also more useful at least, hopefully. I also want to test a few ideas with it.

Then on to bigger and better things....

Added more to the BOX, added a few more pictures.....


woot I could never get joule thiefs to work

I did have to fiddle with it a bit to get it too work, and did that before putting it in a case obviously.


9 years ago

Very nice. I like it. :D Did you use 2 toroids? Good idea. Now you just need to double up on the transistors.

Thanks... No, not 2, but it is a bit "over sized"...being nearly the size of an walnut

go for it goodhart! were rite behind you, i will help however i can

except with anything electronics based

Aww, 90% of what I do is electronics (even though my ibles don't seem to demonstrate that). I have this love/hate relationship with electronics.....a fear of being shocked, and a fascination with how it all works.....thankfully, the fascination outweighs the fear.

Hehe, a fear of being shocked, i touch the output of ignition coils and step down transformers reversed for fun ;-)

Ouch! You like electrocuting your self! Well never touch the outputs of a marx generator and the voltage multiplier...

I dont go anywhere near marx generators, voltage multipliers or anything else unless i need it to survive. And yes i like shocking myself and others :-) (i got my sister to touch both terminals of a dual ignition coil =P)

Yes and she said her fingers were sore all night hehe :'-)

How is that evil, I reversed a 240v to 12v transformer and put it on my mothers wrist

Did she take away your transformer? Or is she to scared to touch it?

No, I lent it to a friend, better get it back before the end of the year

the only thing that makes me squeal like a child is a shock.....getting out of my car during the winter is hades for me Gaaah ! LOL Shocks almost every time....

I like electrocuting myself with very low current devices, Electroluminence wire doesn't feel that nice tho.

Well, it isn't so much just the shock, but that I normally "get it" by surprise.....i.e. opening the door to get out of the car, I reach up and instinctively place my hand on the car's frame to help lift me out of the car....zaaaaph! *sigh*
However, the feeling I experienced through the insulation of a 4,000 v capacity wire, with 10,000 Vdc running through it was not overly unpleasant.
The time I was powering an automobile coil, and touched the output by accident...I thought someone had nailed my hand with a hammer.

Well, there is definitely a big difference between the sensation of DC and AC for sure....

DC is not so painful as AC, but DC is more deadly then AC...

Odd... Unless you are dealing with AC that has different frequency...

depending on the frequency......some lower frequencies can hammer like a heavy DC shock can.

I'm talking about the frequencys and voltage of EL wire, but i don't know what mains feels like because i never touch live stuff, allthough a put 240VAC through a 12vdc fan

I got shocked by 120v mains a few times, it really hurts!

Hehe, try 240, it won't hurt(other that flying and hitting the wall behind you

I have felt the buzz of a 220 v line at 60 hz. and it is not something to play with either.

The hammer of the pulses coming out of an automobile's coil is not fun either, and if you have one hand on the wire and the other on the frame of the car (ground), not only does you hand feel hammered, your chest does too....very much like Jamie felt on Myth Busters that time they had him touch both sides of the pseudo-ark testing "ancient batteries (they'd hooked up the electric fence device though, sending 1,000's of V's from hand to hand). It HURTS. :-)

I also know what electric fences feel like, I got some second hand bosch ignition coils im trying to get working to shock things.

Yeah, but I didn't get my fence zapping from hand to hand like that....

Hehe that reminds me of a story, once upon a time on my grandparents farm, I had rubber shoes on and I was holding onto the electric fence but i onlt felt a tiny little pulse and my mother thought she would try it out, of course she had no shoes on and standing on dirt, she grabs and she says her knees buckeled under the pulse of the fence

I watched as a friend of mine rode his bike into a fence. The rubber tire got wedged under it and held the bike upright. The frame contacted the wire and he was all wet from playing in the creek. He must have danced around on the bike for a good 20 seconds or more before bailing out. :-)

Extract from wiki "An electric potential of approximately 90 - 120 volts at about 1000 Hz (cycles per second) is applied between the copper core wire and the fine wire that surrounds the phosphor coated copper core. The wire can be modelled as a coaxial capacitor with about 1 nF of capacitance per foot, and the rapid charging and discharging of this capacitor excites the phosphor to emit light." That explains why your body doesn't pick up the shock instantly

Well, I'm behind you for electronics... lol

Behind him? I thought you were ahead of him, because you said you are planing to build a tiny tesla coil!

Not too far behind I hope *chuckle* Seriously....thank you.

Electronics was always my passion, despite my fear of first contact (bare wires, etc) :-) But I just never knuckled under and learned the math behind it.....which means I have to keep looking the stuff up *sigh*.

no opinion?.....or just afraid to offend me ? Believe me, an hones appraisal never offends me.... :-)