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The Kinno-1, by Kinetic and Innovanna.



It was a good idea to use a band mag to make reloading pseudo semi-autos quicker. Not a fan a pseudo semi-autos, but this is moving in the right direction.

You said that you will integrate the ammo magazine and the band magazine together. But that would put nearly the entire gun in the mag. What you would end up with is a gun with a removable handle.

Well let me ask you something: how does a real gun work?

The magazine of a real gun (forget each individual bullet for now, think of the mag and the bullets as one) contains both the bullets and the energy source that fires them. All the gun does is give the person control over that energy source. Are we not doing the same thing here? Although a k'nex gun is much simpler and requires many fewer mechanisms to give the user access to this control, the overall effect is nearly the same. In terms of appearence, yes, the gun may seem odd with a magazine that is half the size of the barrel, but does that matter when you can click the mag in and fire off 4-8 shots semiautomatically, then rinse and repeat? At the molecular level, the action of gunpowder exploding is a very complex mechanical process that is just contained in a very small space, so I guess that one could say that real guns contain most of their mechanism in each individual cartridge.

Well, those are just my thoughts on that matter. Thanks for the support and we will keep working on it until we think we have it as close to perfect as possible.

Still my argument on why this is technically a true semi auto and "double action" based semi autos are technically the pseudo semi autos. Real guns have each charge stored, it's not provided by the gun. But that's not the point of this discussion. =P

He is right, though. This concept is lovely for the sake of the concept, demonstrated very well with your gun, but in itself, not great for war. Still, it's progress, and that's what is important. I don't think you should focus on making rubber band magazines but rather make it easier and faster to load charges on a repeating slingshot. The removable cog wheel is key here. Perhaps get rid of the rest of it, except a part to keep all the bands ready to hook to the gun. Then you can load only the cog and bands onto a gun without the bulky charge magazine.

Next steps as far as perfecting this into the ultimate war weapon would be making it a bullpup for a longer sling shot in a shorter package, and then maybe if we could ever get my concept for a full auto working, but it wouldn't be at all required seeing how you could just use your finger. Also, here's a concept I just thought of that might be interesting if you ever do attempt making it use just a removable cog wheel. Perhaps give it folding bow limbs? The idea is that the limbs will fold forward when all bands are used so that it'd be easy to load new bands, but when you pull them all back, the limbs would fold back out, providing the extra stretch for more range with less length. Just a random idea, I have no idea how well it'd work in practice. And those are just my thoughts. Of course you're free to go forward in any direction you please. I do hope to see this develop into something a little more practical. Perhaps I'll finally grow impatient enough I'll get off my butt and try something myself.

Real guns have barrels and chambering mechanisms. Knex guns (at least this one) don't. Everything is contained in the magazine on your gun.

If you just put a folding handle on the mags, then took a couple of those to a war, you would end up carrying less Knex than if you took your idea with the removable mags.

How consistent is the range from shot to shot on the same pp?

It is 100% consistent from shot to shot.

i don't think he understands how it works, and it would be confusing, since what you guys call a power pack, is more a removable band storage, while power pack usually refers to a wound cog or piston, or whatever.

nice. i like it. is that dumbledore in your video? lol probably takes at least a minute to load both the pp and the mag, doesn't it? nah, just kidding... so u working on v2 soon?

Haha no its Gandolf obviously XP. And actually the pp can be loaded in under fofteen seconds easily. Of course, for mine, that is only four shots but still. And I will have to do something about the bullet mag...its kinda crappy at the moment. And yeah, the v.2 will integrate the bullet and band mag into one single mag, making reloading much faster and simpler. We are still esperimenting with different angles for the horizontal mag so that the transition of the bullet tonfiring position within the gun is as smooth as possible.

i don't see how it would be easier to load if it were 1 mag, cause then each would get in the others way. also, then you wouldn't need the gun. same problem as a pp on my S3. you could just shoot with the pp. sure, it's less comfortable, and probably less accurate, but you can shoot. i think that for this gun it is better to have two separate mags.

Looks interesting. I look forward to making it if you post instructions :)

Thanks! We still have some small things to tweak around but it should be posted kinda soon.