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What animal eats the body and leaves the head and feet? Answered

This morning there was the remains of a rat in my yard, The head, gallbladder, and 3 feet were in a little pile and the body had apparently been eaten.  Anyone know what animal does this?  I live in Fort Worth, Texas and we have rats, crows, possums, raccoons, coyotes, domestic cats, snakes, and mink in our area.  I know of several predators that will eat the heads and leave the bodies, but this one has me stumped.


Owl owls will leave the head feet an gal bladder of animals to big to eat whole.
A number of years ago a great horned owl was killing and eating my chickens during the night it ate them from the crop out and left the head spine wings legs all large bones.
You are probably dealing with a wood owl or the like big enough to kill a rat to small to eat it hole.

We do have a few owls left, although development has driven most of them out. There are barn owls and maybe a few screech owls and great horned owls left. I'm actually pleased to think there might be an owl or two hanging around

Dogs tend to eat everything - Cats are a bit fussy and likely well fed anyway, Bird of prey would take the whole thing away, Carrion eater will be fussy and eat soft bits,

We do have turkey vultures and black vultures here, and most of the omnivores and carnivores are also opportunistic feeders. I don't know if the rat died of ingesting rat poison or was nabbed in a more violent fashion.

Many animals will leave parts that are less easy or less pleasant to eat if they are not having trouble getting food, so it could be anything that could predate a rat and eat it selectively. From your list, that's everything except the snake.

I left out Chupacabra, but they usually just drink the blood and leave the exsanguinated body behind.

I dunno. But it its like the monster standing behind you.....