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What are some of the best online stores that EVERYONE should know about and visit atleast once? Answered

There are a few online stores that I love to goto and see what new stuff they have in. I always like showing friends what cool stuff they have and they seem to enjoy it (or pretend to). So what are some amazing stores that everyone should know about? Ones I personally like are thinkgeek.com , uncommongoods.com and urbanoutfitters.com . So please tell some more that everyone, including myself will just love.



Best Answer 9 years ago

www.dealextreme.com - cheap gadgets, free shipping. Seriously, a 13 dollar green laser pointer. LED gadgets, magnets, camera stuff, LOTS OF COOOL. www.ebay.com - self explanatory. If you can't get it on ebay, its illegal, or you dont need it. www.newegg.com - computer tech at unbeatable prices - Hard drives, motherboards, processors, ram, etc www.monoprice.com - computer CABLES at ABSOLUTELY unbeatable prices. (50 foot HDMI cable, 50 bucks, 6 foot cable, 3 bucks)

in canada... www.princessauto.ca - hardware store galore. If you were building a battle-bot, I'd think of no place other to go first.

I'm lucky enough to have one of those in my town. They have a huge assortment of good stuff. Farmers also love the store, so you know they gotta have atleast ok quality stuff at a cheap price. The princess auto flyer is always prime bathroom reading material!

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