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What are some of the most poisonous plants? More explanation within. Answered

Well, to make a long story short, I am making a bed of poisonous plants and doing some research. It will have a fence around it and everything will be labeled so you do NOT eat it. We have lots of toddlers around.... and it would be bad if they ate anything poisonous.


Not a good idea unless you are well versed in botany and specifically very well trained in handling these kinds of plants. It's not just keeping people from eating them that you have to worry about. Some plants are poisonous to the touch. Some plants are extreemly deadly to pets. More importantly, some of the toxic plants that you're growing could spread and sprout up all over the neighborhood. Do some serious research before beginning this.

Hemlock would always be in my list - We've got enough to wipe out a small village at the bottom of the garden.
However, it does depend whereabouts in the world you are. When I was a really young lad I used to play with some very pretty black and red seeds which came out of a pair of maracas. We only found later that I'd probably have died if I'd eaten one of them.

for clarification.... the "point to and say 'deadly bed'" one.

Thanks, and best wishes for it. Make an instructable out of it? L

What do you want from this - something that looks nice or something you can point to and say "deadly bed"?
Digitalis can be fatal if eaten, not uncommon in gardens, looks quite nice too.


Nightshade is not as toxic as its "deadly" reputation would have it, and is in fact a fairly common ornamental in some areas. On the other hand, it's flat-out illegal in some areas since it can be an invasive. Which points out another concern: Find out what's legal in your area both w/r/t toxicity AND from horticultural concerns. Reminder: A sign may be nowhere near enough. You should also check your local "attractive nuisance" laws.

Yes, I am fairly well versed in such things, I am a home/allopath in training... : / I do know a fairly large amount, and I have a large amount of safety paraphernelia. (Not to brag). I will definitely consult my large uber book of plants. :) thanks

Yes, as stated before, different plants are poisonous to different species. An example is Aloe, a highly useful plant to humans (helps skin) is poisonous to cats and dogs. In fact, many household plants are poisonous to pets.