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What are some safe non-toxic liquid/solid fules for a diy campstove? Answered

I have used alcholal already, but I am looking for something more efficient. It will need a high flame (e.x. wood won't work).


Dry wood in a pyrolysing flame is extremely compact and hot. How much power do you need ?

It is just made out of an old tuna can & stuff... It isn't going to have to be that powerful, just enough to make a couple inch flame will be good.

Charcoal - you can melt tron with it under the right circumstance - give off CO fumes though.

You can melt tron with it? (Good, because that movie didn't look very good). ;)

:-) I will leave the typo or your funny won't make sense - You know I have been trying to touch type for almost a year now, and STILL can't do it without looking at the keyboard. Perhaps I would be more productive if I looked at the screen.

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Wax + cardboard + old tuna can. I learned this one in Camp Fires (a scouting-type group) 40 years ago. It is the fuel cell for the Buddy Burner.

I started to write how to make one and realized I was writing an 'ible. I have the Instructable written but I need to add some pix before I hit the publish button.


6 years ago

I don't know about anything being non toxic as everything that burns gives off fumes of some kind.
But here is an instructable that might give you what you want.


He uses a safer mix from what I can tell. Gasoline and Styrofoam make napalm, but if gas keeps going up in price -----,

You can read up more on it but whatever you do remember your playing with fire. \