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What can you do on a bike? Answered

awkward position, what can you do?


Charge my cell phone. ...and kill my thighs...


I can do a face-plant, and an end-over-end-over-end-over, followed by a legsnap and neck-crunch.

Oh yeah, I can totally pull off a total groin-slam!

jumps, wheelies, falls, face-plants, flipping because i was in a parking lot, and slammed the front brake, trip, skid, slam my balls on the pedal after falling OWE, and uhh... yeah....

Bunnyhops about 1 foot off the ground, nohanders for blocks(turns even). My most was about 6 blocks before the road got bumpy. If I had a good smooth road I could go on for a good while.

Not many tricks or anything, but Im really good at offroad stuff..

I did something similar to that pic during a crazed stop that ended with me one side of a mercedes and the bike stopping before it... Umm most things, I made an 'ible that has the basics in it...

I can fall off, go in a semi-straight line with both hands firmly on the bars, and maybe turn. Most of the time not so well. I hit a car once when me and a friend were riding around a parking garage as fast as we could. I understeered, then oversteered to correct, and plowed sideways right into a Lincoln Navigator. Specifically, the navigator's back license plate and back right tire.

Straight lines, the occasional corner...


9 years ago

I can ride it, does that count?

i can do whips, bar turns, 1 handers, 1 footers, no footers, 1 foot 1 hand, rock stars, manual, wheelie, 180, 3 tap, 180 1 hander, 180 tweak, bunnyhop 32 inches high, table top, tuck no handers, 6 foot drops to flat on a ht. i also do a little bit of downhill, i can do pretty much any black diamond run.

ugh keep forgetting things... hop to manuals, endo, footjam, abubaca, half cab, rollbacks.

o and ive landed about 2 barspins and i can do quad-pump bar humps and i can do tire grabs.

thats screwwy