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What do you like to build out of Knex? Answered

I was just wondering what Knexers here like to build the most.



Best Answer 8 years ago

roller coasters, guns, cars, and everyday stuff:)

hmmm, usually just stuff i see in video games, like Xigbar's Arrowgun, the Master Sword, etc, etc

yeah and CONGRADULATIONS YOU JUST MADE MY 1000th COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NICE, You just made my 643. lol you talk more then I do.

i sure do, i remember my first couple weeks on instructables and there was only 20 commets and i started talking to you and lonewolf i think then eventually Glad(to-meet-ya)ys and acidbass. plus all the comments on my instructables and replys to my comments

Yeah you have been talkin to some people that talk a lot too. lol

yeah, whats with the pictures , they say the number of instructables weve made under our pics

Guns and guns and bombs and guns and umm... did I mention guns? Lol... nah, that's only the half of it. Knex can be made into anything if you try... I like ball machines, buildings, full scale cars (No blooming joke there!) like my F! car when I was like 9...


8 years ago


Well, the obvious answer is guns.

Ok, first of all its not obvious. I don't build guns and a lot of other people don't build guns. I'm getting sick and tired of people posting so many guns; and then half the time they just post slideshows of them and don't take the time to post an actual instructable.

Ball machines and guns.

I'm getting tired of guns bit ball machines are still cool.