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What does your room look like? Answered

Hey peeps, me again filling up the forums. I thought, before my room got messy again in about an hour, I'd video a walkthrough I had been wanting to do for a while of my room. I'll update the video with one that's more detailed. Sorry about the video, for some reason youtube doesn't have very good decoders for mov files, guess I gotta do it by hand before uploading.. Post your pictures or videos of your geek lair for the world to see!

I'm just kinda noticing now that I missed a lot of details in the video, so an update may follow perhaps.


New vid, new stereo, new crt monitor, god help me with my engine!


Excuse the drunkeness sounding voice I have, that's part fault on the built in mic the mac has and my rather excessive pot use lately.

"A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

Hmmm, last time I checked, maujuanna doesn't damage your brain. Makes you a little slower if you haven't had much for a while. It makes me rather sharp on quick on the tongue. All it does really is just get tar in your lungs, not even as bad as ciggerettes, which I'm sure you or someone in your family probably does, my mother does.

Perhaps I meant nothing more than "time spent smoking is probably time not spent doing something else."

Well aye. But there's also time spent drinking, sunbathing, having a long lie-in etc.I've known people to have a smoke and do some creative things. E.g. fashioning a moped exhaust system from beer-cans, aluminium tape, pipe clips, it looked pretty good. However, he'd forgotten to take the suspension into account, so when it was ridden the whole thing flexed and fell off... Some things are better done with a clear head.

Some things are better done with a clear head.
I would claim that pretty near everything is better done with a clear head.

And they say paranoia is rightious thinking.

I'm trying not to be rightious; I just don't see the point. But then I've always been rather ascetic...

But had he not had a "smoke" then he wouldn't have had ANY exhaust.

Yeah, I suppose a few hours work was worth a few minutes of exhaust. It is loud without...


Oh, I thought you were talking about a car or t-ruck. I imagine that moped would be fun to drive around in the mystic looking bog area he lives in after a "smoke". Any other death-inviting contraptions he's come up with yet?

you ever heard the buffalo thereoy? (i know i spelled it wrong) when buffalos are being hunted the slowest one gets killed first now, as you know marajuana attacks the brain and it would attack the slowest brain cells making your brain faster right?

Your perception of irony is a little mis-strewed apparently. I see what you mean, but irony doesn't quite fit here. Besides, if it killed brain cells, you would feel it the next morning, that's exactly what a hangover is, because of the damage to your brain cells, when you aren't impaired, you feel it. In the case of this, as I would know, I never feel it in the morning, when I wake up, I feel like I've always felt, albiet a bit sharper.

A mind works differently under the influence of marijuhana, this is not necessarily a waste. Although most of the time it doesn't amount to much, unless you're an artist... L

For me I tend to be able to focus on stuff more and get things done quicker which is almost the exact opposite of what it's supposed to do. Sometimes it's just so I can go on youtube and laugh my ass off for about 2 hours.

W/ref music, do you have any Butthole Surfers? (glad you fixed the packer) L

An amazing, most under-rated band. (The name probably had something to do with the more critical than commercial success...)

I've never heard of that, sounds like some cheasy gay porn video.. And the packer? IT happened to un-fix itself, he's taking it back to work, It just got to the point where technically nothing was wrong with it, gas in the carb, was coming out of the bowl redily. Spark was good. There was technically notihng wrong. I just said fuck is and it's going back, I spent 2 days on a engine that just is being a ass.

It's interesting music.. Lots of random screaming noises. Not bad though. And say, do you know where to get some high quality lossless music, I don't even really care what it is, I'm just testing out the stereo.

Meh, not all cd's are high quality


11 years ago

Ever been in a submarine? It's really hard to walk around in.

That's your room? A submarine? That's sweet

I meant it's so packed with junk there's not much space to move around in , like in a submarine. But maybe I should check to see if my room is below sea level. It might be.


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I know, I don't feel like changing it, just a picture of my room. To the left of the straw hat? A little TV, Nintento NES, Electronics Hobby Set, MSI Motherboard box, bags.

I noticed the white xbox, did you do that yourself? And check out the youtube update above. I know I know, peter gabriel... don't slap me on the wrists please :p. Watch out, he'll hit you with his sledgehammer wang!

Oh *blushes* shit, well you see, I seemed to be exposed to every console back when I was a kid, hell I still have a sega saturn (that was a rather unique console), but only till a few years ago I knew what a dreamcast was.

They're awesome. I bought all the games I found at EB Games. The games ranged from $2 - $5. I forgot how much the system + 2 controllers + memory card was. I think $35.

not bad, is it more "technically" advanced than the saturn? Cuz I know there's emulators you can get if you have a modded one.

Teehee, why do you think I have it.

you've got the mod chip for it? sweet

No, you don't need anything but a loader CD and the games.

Supposedly all you need is to swap the origional game with the burnt one on the saturn,...never worked.

I thought it was a small TV. You could do something cool with that. It's got an HT coil after all (amongest other things)? L


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I see myself with it all dismantled, and thinking, wtf, what now.

Yeah, that happens. I've spent quite some times staring at bits thinking in that way. I'd think there'd be a 12v supply in there. What I might try to do with something like this is tap into the field coils that control the beam, hook them up to an audio output and see what images tunes create. L

I scare/piss people off when I take things apart. My parents get nervous when I take their things apart, because I always end up with the parts ALL over the place and with no sight of hope, but 30 min later, it's all together with all the parts in place. I've had people tell me I have skill.

IMG_0807.JPG should have been rotated 90o I rotated my head, which wasn't good 'cos I've got a bad neck. Anyway, what's lurking to the left of the straw hat?


Strangely I did the same thing :O

And that is and does what?

The drive for the tube produces high voltage (archaic = High Tension or HT) perhaps this could be used for something?
You could strip it for components too, bound to have somethings worthwhile for an electronics project.
(you have another TV, so I guess you don use the small one)


HUBERT CUMBERDALE!! Yay! I congrats you, nice room btw but your computer chair looks like one of those cheapy public school chairs, does it not hurt after about an hour?

Well spotted, could make a person sweaty, but they're probably quite comfortable. L