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What is patching Answered

I got a pro membership recently and i want to know what is patching!



Patches here are digital versions of cloth patches, similar to merit badges. They can be awarded to any member by any other member, with your own graphic or one of the ones we have in our library.

You can see the patches of many member on their profile page under PATCHES. Some examples of receiving a patch might be from being included in the Instructables Newsletter, or if you win a place in a Contest.

I've sent you a digital patch just now, check it out on your profile!

Thanks sir,
now i understand!
i did'nt know about it cause i have won this pro membership as a gift for my new instructables project you can also view that!the link is:

When someone does something amazing, you like their work, or you think they deserve something in reward of their achievement (let's say, they got 50 followers) then you can send them what is called a "patch".

Hope this helps! :)

Where, in the real world, you would join in a round of applause, clap somebody on the back, buy a drink or stick a grateful post-it note, here you send a patch.