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What is the best Valentines meal? Brian M Bernal Answered

I need a recipe for my girlfriend.  Can someone help?

Brian M Bernal


.  Bee healthy. Eat your honey.


Your rolling eyes make me sick If I look too long, but it's very cute and funny.

pie apple pecan

"brian bernal", "Brian M Bernal", and "princexxxx" all appear to be the same user (they all sign their posts with that name).

Well, we've already had at least one other example of a user creating multiple accounts and cross-commenting himself (including creating Best Answers and presumably rating I'bles). That level of narcissism is bizarre to me, but people do strange things.

It happens fairly regularly on "discussion" forums - I did once see a thread populated entirely by one person, arguing with their own multiple identities.

I guess there are cross-addressers out there. They are still entitled to the same free speech, unless it is SPAM.

Cross-addressers. Wow I love it very witty.

Brian/princxxxx. Is there a true question there or have we been diverted?