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What is the cheapest, most powerful green laser on the net? Answered

And by most powerful, I mean longest range. And under $100?



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 Thanks everyone, Got my answer. found a nice one on amazon.

007dna      :)

look on ebay - there's lots. however, from memory, the most powerful was about 5watts and cost several thousands of US dollars. $100 will get you a laser that just might be powerful enough to burn, certainly you could 'spot' something over a couple of hundred metres, indeed, even if you could see that far. You could also 'over-drive' it easily, but this would reduce its lifespan. there are some laws regulating what strength lasers may be used by whom and for what purposes; if the cops find a strong laser on you, you can be charged with an offensive weapon with penalties to match. btw, why green? there are many colours available - just curious! I remember as a kid my older brother getting into bother by calling the US from the UK and telling the unfortunate American he was from Oxford University and could the American see the new long-range laser that was directed at him from the UK research lab! Strangely enough the American was pleased to have been randomly picked for such an 'experiment'! (But then it was the early 1980s!)

the laws: You can't buy a laser over 5 mW in the usa...sucks :S my recommendation is www.dealextreme.com personally :D

Um, you certainly can buy more powerful lasers in the US, you just need an appropriate license/certificate to do so.

Here's a supplier for optical-bench lasers up to 10W. The Google search is easy, "532nm laser".

The most powerful green laser in the world is currently Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's National Ignition Facility. After all of the optical pumping and amplification, it consists of 192 beams, each with 20kJ of energy in a 100 ns pulse. That's 192 × 200 GW of power, or a total of 38.4 terawatts (but only delivered for a tenth of a microsecond :-).

you...always making me elaborate :P Yes - I mean in a handheld with its own powersource - "pointer" style lasers must not exceed 5mW. It's expected anything using a bench power supply will be made by people cool enough not to abuse them. :P

Changing the subject: Can anyone tell me if cauterized wounds caused by reenacting lightsaber fights using a laser can get infected? Also, does anyone have a good supply of bench power supplies? I kind of broke mine...

cauterized wounds like any burn can be infected lasers make poor light sabers because the saber is fixed length - a laser is wholly less cool and wholly less short than a light saber. Lastly: There are lots of power supplies here on ibles - made from computer psu's.

(it was a joke...)
Back on topic:
"It's expected anything using a bench power supply will be made by people cool enough not to abuse them."

Wellllll... You would expect that, however, never underestimate human stupidity...

I'm one of those people that would try to use http://www.unitednuclear.com/deathray.htm in a 'point and shoot' environment.

seriously ...bad idea :D

those things can burst wood into flame instantly from a hundred yards.

but think how fun it would be!

Wait... They seriously make these for consumption? 8D United Nuclear is AWESOME!

yes, a hand-wield-able carbon dioxide 100 watt laser is reality :D

Actually, it would appear that while you could hold the tube, the electronics and cooling system would add more bulk... Perhaps a bit awkward to hold, but...

backpack plus SLA batteries... I saw a tube like this on ebay but it was mounted in a metal housing (to protect the glass)... it would be no less obscure than a bazooka or m16 :D

Ah, that would (at least, theoretically) work. Just don't cross the beams, k?

dont forget about water cooling.carbon dioxide lasers need water to cool the plasma channel.co2 lasers above 10 watts need water cooling as a fan just isint enough.

Also, aren't SLA batteries as heavy as lead? That might be a problem... ... Wait a minnit...

You could make a lithium pack - but that would be more expensive. You could have a car battery on your back - sealed lead acid :D

Yep, that's a good place to get one. I'm so glad I live in Canada, I can buy whatever laser I want! I should buy a stockpile before they ban them here, too!

forgot to say, in the UK the threshold strength for a laser is no more than 5mw.


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