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What is the easiest way to recharge a capacitor? Answered

I'm in need of a way to recharge a capacitor ( or more ). The disposable cameras circut is trashed ( it didn't work even before then w/ the right setup ), and I can't afford another. Is there some way to avoid the circut in favor of a more direct route? I need to recharge it for use as a shocker or coil gun, and have an AA battery holder as my power source as well as a switch to fire.

Please help.



Best Answer 7 years ago

Apply the desired voltage through a current limiting resistor. Done.

The missing piece is obtaining the desired voltage. Which is what the disposable camera circuit is doing -- it's a DC-to-DC converter producing several hundred volts out (at very low current) from a couple volts in. You need that circuit or something equivalent, unless you want to stack up a few hundred batteries.


Answer 7 years ago

... or run from wall current, of course. In which case you still need a power supply circuit to that 120VAC and produce whatever DC you need.