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What is wrong with my comments? Answered

On my account, it only says that I posted 88 comments, when I posted over 500. Why is that?


Submit this as a bug report. Do you have any "evidence" (e.g., did you see your account shown with over 500 posts, and now it's under 100)?

Yeah, last month it showed close to 600 comments(it was like 580). I still have comments from sept. 2008 that aren't on my posted comments list. Check out my account and it will say in the range of 86-95 comments.Thanks i will submit the report.

I think it counts as 1 comment in every topic you post, not counting how many times you post on ONE topic. So like you posted on 88 topics, and posted like 10 comments on some of them. Im pretty sure thats why.