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What is your Favorite Food to BBQ on Independence Day? Answered

Hey all,  I'm hosting about 12 people or so for Independence Day and want to do something on the BBQ that's up to the occasion. 

I enjoying grilling and smoking quite a bit so I have equipment on hand.   Often we've done burgers, or chicken, or ribs for the 4th of July but I'm hoping to be a little more creative this year.  What are you planning on putting on your BBQ for Independence Day?

Equipment available: Gas grill; Charcoal Grill; Kettle Smoker
Dietary constraints: none
Nmber of People: 12

Burgers? Ribs? Chops?  Ideas?


Salmon kabobs! or grilled salmon.And grilled shrimp.

Parboiled sausage chunks with mixed veggies on skewers!
Bacon wrapped chicken livers!
Shrimp and scallops!
Corn in husks!
Beef satay!

btw, I've never seen a rack of ribs rolled up and broasted like that. Seems it would be juicier when done.

yumm Seafood... and corn....

Rolling up the ribs is not the preferred method but when the amount of ribs won't fit on the smoker... well sometimes you need to improvise.

It does make for nice presentation though.