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What kind of laptop should i get? Answered

I am pondering the possibility of getting a new laptop sometime. I want portability, LOTS of storage, ease of use, and a RELIABLE OS. I play WoW, do lots of high def video editing and Im home most of the time but when im out i dont want a 40 pound paper weight in my backpack. I also want something thats easy to use IE a decently large keyboard or a good trackpad. I'm not addicted to WoW but i play it enough that I cant but a netbook! I also do video editing for my youtube channel.....Basically, I like small but I NEED STORAGE and processing speed and some RAM for my games....I prefer windows after my crappy experience with my mac but ill stay open minded and allow mac suggestions....oh and Im a klutz also I drop things all the time.



Bestbuy has the "HP - Pavilion Laptop with Intel® Centrino® 2 Processor Technology" for $1199.99. It has a Duo processor, 500GB hard drive, and 6GB of RAM.

It does have Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit as the OS but Vista is no where as bad as people say. I like it. Since you said drop stuff you may want to buy a Solid Slate hard Drive so it wont break if you drop it. But the solid slate hard drive does not come with so if you do not know alot about computers you may want to have a "professional" install it, but it will cost.

So you want ultra portable, ultra powerful, and ultra big, yet small... You may have a problem there :P Something in the medium range, as zerogx says 13-17" It's gotta have beefy cpu, beefy gfx card, and lots of ram...the rest is up to preference.


9 years ago

i would buy a 13" macbook pro... but going to the windows side... we own a dell desktop that refuses to die, so i would hope the laptops are the same: looks like the dell 14z would be a good choice.