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What programming tools are needed for an Arduino + Android (+iOS) project? Answered

I'm starting a project where I interface arduino board with some other (environmental) sensors as a standalone hardware. But I'd like to report the sensor readings to a smartphone client through a webapp.

Also would like to control the arduino hardware remotely from the smartphone clients (app). I know I have a lot to learn so I don't what to waste time on irrelevants. What programming tools do I need to learn (backend and frontend) to do this project?

The client-side (iOS, Android) app only receives reports and do not use any phone hardware features. So I'm not sure if Java would be required.

I currently program in Python + web dev using HTML + CSS.



5 years ago

Thanks for the response.
I've been searching but haven't found something detailed. I've been reading about Amarino but it's still in testing from what I can see:


5 years ago

Have you done a search online to see all the different options you have available for interfacing the Arduino with an Android device.