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What replica next? Answered

Well, i have a new replica coming out right away, and i want to know what kind of gun is should replicate next! I need ideas, and don't ask me to make these huge guns like the M249 Saw, or an intervention, I want to make a medium (eg, AK-47) to small (eg, mini-uzi) sized guns. 



7 years ago

a good m4 with a true removable blue rod mag :D

MP9, MP7, Mac11, Micro Uzi...

Something small with a removable handle mag.

already have made one, it sucked so I took it apart and made a logic bow instead.

LOL, because you just made a really sucky gun, then just made an amazing gun!


8 years ago

Make something like a M16, M4, AK-47 or try a real (as in, real) bolt action rifle. I'm thinking about just designing a blot action mech and building a body around that.

Cool! Might give it a go!

I made one but my camera's battery is dead!!!!
It shoots at least 45 feet, and is just awesome!

Here are the pics. I won't be posting though. Does it look anything like a G3?

Knex G3 002.jpgKnex G3 001.jpg

Pretty good. I think the stock might be a little tall at the back, and the handle is too thin. Otherwise its cool!

Why don't you make a good mp5?
If not, how about trying an M14?
In fact yes, make an M14.

I've already tried twice at making M14s...... The fake barrels sucked on them.... I actually have a picture of the back of one! It's on the last page of my break action rifle instructable!


the shells load at the top, right at the end where the top ridge stops on the barrel.

Something not in the Call of Duty games? That would be wonderful. I can't think of anything off the top of my head though. We lack a good MP7 still. It seems like a rather easy gun to make but for a challenge try making the folding foregrp, extending stock, and flip out sights.

agreed, people think games have all the guns in the world in them...

People think games come up with those guns and they don't exist until they are suddenly in a game.

true, like the vector and aug hbar, my mate didnt know about them until mw2 came out, also would you help me attempt a f2000?

If you do try one, take a look at what I suggested to Seleziona on his F2000 page, ie. a true bolt action bullpup system.

meh, its a bit complicated, ill try tho

True, but if it works it will be awesome.

yep, ill work on it soon

 How bout a scorpion?

WTF MAN! Did you read my mind? The next gun I'm posting is a scorpion! I've already made it and am taking pics!!!

 LOL im physic!!! LOL nah, you are just a good friend, and i know you well :) also, i passed IAC in subscribers today!!! im #1!!!

 Thanks :)

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