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What should I do with this old Air Force radio case? (Opportunity for collaboration) Answered

I have this (steel? it's heavy) case for an army radio set that I found dumpster diving with my Dad more than 10 years ago. I haven't used it for anything, and am now noticing it has great potential for being a case for some kind of project. It's got a rim on the inside with screwholes that I could mount a plate on, and I beleive it's watertight. I always love doing cool stuff, but I don't really have the technical imagination to come up with something. I'll take any and all ideas, and once I clean out my garage and get my workbench built in there, I'll get to it :-) I think it would very cool to collaborate with some people closely and build something unique here... Thanks PS: Also, if anyone has any knowledge relating to what kind of radio gear this might have held at one point, please share it with me. I've transcribed the contents of the plate on the front, maybe have a look and see if anything pops out.


  • Tight guitar-strings across the rim, make a musical instrument?
  • Tool box?

Hmm, musical instrument... File that away. I think you'd have to cut abig hole in it though... ;)
And I would definately use it as a toolbox, if I had tools I thought needed protection! Maybe now's the time to upgrade:-)

Ahh, I hadn't thought of the guitar, I think you'd have to cut a hole in it though...
And tool box yes, definately, but of course I'd nee some shelves or organizers or something

How about a really tough pc case. Lunchbox?

ARM-47 is the number of this test set used to test the ARC-34 radio.

ARC-34 link down about 2/3 of the way down.

Good linkage, very informative.
I really like the PC case, I've done a little of that, but something really thorough, that would badASS.

Kilt Y

8 years ago

you say it might be waterproof eh? hmm...<br /><br />1) add some straps to make an uber-beefcake <strong>backpack</strong>! or...<br />2) add some motors/controller/battery for a <strong>submersible </strong>jetpack!<br />3) Huuuge <strong>Geocaching </strong>cache in the middle of the woods... <a href="http://www.geocaching.com">www.geocaching.com</a><br />4) Securely mount an flatscreen TV, batterypack, inverter, and game console for <strong>"go anywhere" gaming</strong>. Try to make it shockproof for the road.<br />5) Add legs and make it into an <strong>ottoman </strong>or <strong>cofeetable </strong>with storage! (and put a tv in it so it folds up for viewing!)<br />6) <strong>Drop it off a tall building </strong>with a bunch of junk inside just to see how strong it is!<br /><br />7) <strong>Handcuff yourself to it </strong>and walk around in a suit with sunglasses and when people ask you what you're doing just stare at them for a moment and then speak into your other wrist saying "we have a code 42 at [location], deadly force <em>is authorized</em> I repeat..."<br />

You, sir have too much time on your hands, and I thank you for it. All excellent ideas, now what i need is the know-how to get it done (like doing the portable gaming device is awesome, but crazy intensive.)