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What type of screw drivers to use to open a Craftsman 19.2 volt battery pack? Answered

On the top of the screws it looks like a star with a dot in the middle. None of my usual tools fit in.


It's a Security Torx , you can buy the matching driver at harbor freight. It's a purple folding set

Thanks. I got the torx T15 driver and opened the battery assembly. Is there a electric diagram for the four terminals? I do see the thermal fuse (a little whie block) is connected to 2 terminals. But I could not figure out what are the 2 thin (black) wires going down in the middle of the 15-cell pack (the 16th one sits on the top). I used my 1.5v Ni-Cad charger with several cells and they all seem to take charge to about 1.4v. My intend is to identify the bad cell(s) and replace them (instead of replacing all cells). When putting this defective battery pack on the craftsman 19.2v charger, the GREEN ligh is on with the AMBER light slightly lit. The pack is relatively new and has not been used much, which is why I not want to replace the whole pack.

Sorry, I don't really know that much about electronics so I can't be much help to you... But I'm glad I could help you with the screwdriver.

Can you specify the size of the torx driver? I see them from T6 up to T55.

The star formation for the screw head is typically called torx, the dot in the middle is a tamper-proof measure to ensure you don't money with the goodies inside.

To open you will need to buy the correct size torx screwdriver, then modify said driver by drilling a hole in the centre. Don't kid yourself here, this will not be that easy. The benefit here is afterwards you will have a special screwdriver which can open a variety of tamper-proof objects!

Remember to be careful when you open tamper-proof items, they have these measures there for a reason. Good luck, and be safe!