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What would be the best approach to trying to make an apron supremely dirty and bloody like Pyramid Head's? Answered

Still need some answers on my pyramid head costume, what I need to know is what would be good to use for making his apron look like it does in the game, really bloody and dirty?


If you get it from a butcher (as I recommended in a similar question) it'll already have (REAL!) blood smeared all over it.
If you feel like you need more, mix corn syrup with a little water and a lot of red food coloring and spatter it all over the apron. Grind a little dirt into it if you're not scared of dirt. EEEEK!

I can't find a butcher shop in my city, maybe I'll try a restraunt or something. I thouhgt maybe Sam's club would have one but they don't wear the right sort of aprons, it needs to cover the WHOLE chest, back, and legs.

Hmm. Honestly, the game makes it look like a wraparound apron over a wife-beater or something. If you smear enough dirt/cornsyrup/red coloring all over it, it'll look indistinguishable from the actual thing. (<a href="http://www.zazzle.com/pyramid_head_chrome_apron-154140141381976593">A Google search turned up this pretty prop!</a>)<br />

lol nice link, and I'm thinking I'll just sew my own apron, who knows, might even look better :D

Good for you! And be sure to document it so you can make an Instructable out of it!

Splash various shades of red and brown on it until it looks right?

Or look at the several instructables describing this costume?

please link instructables then, I can't seem to find them

Just look to the right on this very page, under "Related".

I see the two that I've seen before... they're not really all too helpful as they'er based off of the movie pyramid head.


8 years ago

Use kid's fingerpaints. Get blood red, reddish brown and black paints, smear it on with your hands, splatter with a stiff bristle brush and use an old shoe for a bloody footprint effect.

That... actually isn't a bad idea :D

I like the finger paint idea.  They're somewhat washable so if you don't like what you get you can have a second chance.

Show us your blood 'n guts.

Sounds like all kinds of fun getting stuff dirty.  What do you mean by "best"?  Simplest, cheapest, or funnest?

I suggest putting down a tarp, putting various paints or whatever down, put on the apron and ROLL AROUND!  That's what I would do! \O/

I mean best as in not too expensive, but will look realistic in the end.

Also, just edit the question you've already asked instead of posting the same one again.