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What would you do with eighty-five pencils? Answered

Found a big bag of pencils in all sorts of colors at the thrift store, and I know I have to do something with them - I'm just not sure what. They're about 1/3 standard pencil-yellow; 1/3 standard pencil-orange; and 1/3 a full rainbow spectrum of other colors, including glitter effects and multicolor patterns. Lengths vary: 28 are unsharpened & 7" long, there are 24 at 6" or more, 10 at 5"- 6", 15 3"-5" and 8 sub-3" stubs. My only ideas so far are a pencil box made of pencils (not completely lame), and a miniature log cabin with a stockade fence (totally completely lame). There have got to be some better ideas than those two - anyone able to help me out of my creative quandry?


What I have done with 85 pencils is shove 'em in a box in the back of my desk drawer. They get used occasionally. Very occasionally. (I know, not the answer you were looking for, but you did ask what _I_ would do with them not what you should do with them.)

No, not the answer i was looking for... ...but it is what I've done with 'em for the time being. :)


8 years ago


Build a very colorful (and trendy) replica of a pipe organ?

you could make a pencil gun. like some rapid fire machine of death that shoots pointy pencils at stuff. I've always wanted to make one for golf pencils. I'm not sure how to make them go straight, though. maybe add fins. or rifle the barrel.

Thanks. That'd be a great idea - mucho ammo - except that I'm not really into projectile weapons (not sub-sonic ones, anyway :).

I'd find out how many I can stick in my ears. I'd like to congratulate you on a very well asked question. You gave good details and made what you wanted to know absolutely clear. Good for you. An "art machine" might be fun. Shove a few dull stubby pencils randomly into a ball of clay, pointy end out. Tape a piece of paper or two to the inside of a cardboard box. Mail cardboard box to a friend or to yourself and see what you get. Variations include using a mailing tube, off-roading with it instead of mailing, etc...

Thanks, GF :). I'm trying to define the problem for myself, and that may have helped the way I defined it for others. (Not all my questions reach, or even get very near, this standard.) Stubby pencils in a ball of clay... hmmm - maybe some sort of a porcupine something...?

if you want well-asked questions, then you should look at mine.

(mostly because I want answers.)