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What's the best way to attach line to clothespoles? Answered

I have two clothes line T poles with no line in my backyard. I would like to hang clothes this summer but do not know the best way to attach line to the poles.

I can attach pictures later today of the poles so you can see what is drilled and available to run line through or attach hardware to.

Thanks for your advice!



7 years ago

You need to use a cable made for the purpose. It is a type of poly rope that is coated with a rubbery plastic that doesn't degrade in UV. You might also find a metal cable coated in plastic. But it needs to have a surface that will not degrade or corrode and that can be cleaned otherwise anything you hang on it will get marks from the line. Attaching it is easy. You can use bolts or you can run the line through the holes and tie knots in it, or wrap it around and tie it to itself. Anything that will be secure and not cut the line. Don't make it super tight, in fact you should leave a little slack, you don't want to put a lot of stress on the cable or the support poles.

If you've got holes in the poles where the line should be hung, use "I" bolts. The go thru the pole and have a ring of metal to tie the line to. Better than cord it wire made for cloths line.