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Whats the best way to control servo timing Answered

So I am trying to run a servo with a time delay i want the servo to turn 180° then back to 0° off 1 second repeating additionally with a 3 second delay and 6 second delay (its a 4.8v system running off 4 AA's) I want it to be an independent system that can run on it's own with the flip of a switch. Can i do this with a 555 or multiples and what controls the time delay on the circuit?



5 months ago

Yes, a 555 can do it

With or without a switch.

How does to delay time ?

Well you need an oscillator, that can be a charge shoving electrons to a condenser plate followed by leaky electrons from a capacitor.. A crystal oscillator just like the mechanical pendulum where the mass it exerts against gravity.. A nuclear decay measured by a timer which is the same two oscillators but that is in doubt as you move closer/further from the sun

Radioactive constants are not constant due to sun activity and the radial distance from the sun where you measure it.

There was a Second City humor about time... Is time the train running on a track Click the engine reached the Crossing Click the caboose cleared the crossing interval as time. Or Tick Tock the minute hand goes on a clock time..

Soo much for time ;-)

Your best bet would be a microprocessor.
For my money http://www.picaxe.com/
is the easiest to use and a good price.
Inbuilt servo commands so minimum programming, inbuilt timers, Small format available an 08M will do what you want and much more.

Much simpler and easier to use an Arduino.