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What's the best way to lower 6 volts to 5 volts? Answered

Hey friends! 

I have a question. I want to be able to use 4 AAA batteries (6v) to power an IC. The IC's max voltage is 5.5.
Is there any kind of way I can use two resistors as a voltage divider to lower the voltage 1 volt or should I just use a diode(which would lower it by 1.4v)?




4 years ago

use rechargeable batteries 1.2 volts each = 4.8 volts

Thanks! Might actually do that for my second clone project! Thanks!

This depends on what you want to do with the result.

Many electronic components have a margin, I had applied 6 volts to devices that used 4.5 without problems.

Resistors only give you a specific voltage if you have a fixed current going through them (V = IR). What you're looking for is a voltage regulator, like the classic 7805.

7805 won't work with a 6V source. Needs to be at least 7.5V. It may be able to pull it off at 7V but not 6V.

A 1N4001 diode will drop the voltage by about 1V.

True; I was giving that as an example. The LM2575 working with input as low as 6V (and as high as 40V), and there are other switching regulators which can take 6V input.

Using a diode as a current-independent voltage drop is very clean.

Yes thanks mphilch I new that I couldn't use a 5v regulator because it needs 7.5. IT would be a waste too given that I only need 1 less volt. Thanks, I'll just use a diode!

Just put a single standard diode in series, like a 1N4001 - assuming you need <1A