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Where can I find a metal trash can for little to nothing?? Answered

I need to get a metal trash can for a project, but I don't want to spend a lot of money. I need to know where to get one at. I would like a 20 - 30 gallon one. BTW: A large metal pot would work also. Thank you. Killer~SafeCracker


i think my answer would be to go the goodwill, salvation army, home depot, or lowes because you can get them their really really cheap. another option is to go to infirmiries and green houses that sell trees because they usuallt use trashcans to plant the trees, and when the trees are sold and transported, they need to switch the containers, so they have a lot of trashcans left over. so you can get one from there for free!

When you say that you can get them really really cheap how cheap is that?? When I looked on lowes.com The cheapest one was like $35.

oh, im sorry to here it, what was the project? im really sorry i coudn't have been more help. was it because i was unable to give you an answer quick enough?

?!?! that's really strange, because where i live, they sell them for 5 dollars! did you try the infirmiries and green house thing? try going to homedepot. im really sorry it didn't work out of you. but seriously. at the lowes near us, they were selling them for like 5 dollars! try going to the waste management factory place. you should be able to get them from there too. also, your cities recycling plant should be able to get you some.

to to the recycling center (american recycling) and look around for one. they will either give it to you free or for under a dollar, (the reason for cheap prices is they only look at it as scrap steel, not as a garbage can.)

who needs a trashcan? just take the whole dumpster from the back of restauraunts

hmm, you know, they sell those at home depot and lowes for really cheap prices, like, really really cheap. try there. also, what pot is large enough to hold 30 gallons?!

thanks, also, some infirmaries or whatever those things are that sell plants and trees, they give those away for free because they sometimes use them as pots, and when they transport the trees, they switch the container, so they have a lot left over, try those.


9 years ago

Time for another good idea, bad idea.

Good idea: Check home improvement stores, online, friends and shop around for good deals.

Bad idea (I know I'll catch flak for this):Check curbsides on garbage day ;)

Freecycle! Post a wanted on your local one.