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Where can I find or how can I make a vest for a Simon Tam costume? Answered

The cut of Simon's vest is quite unusual: it has a lot of buttons and a high neck line--most vests have few buttons and a low neck.

I have not been able to find advice on finding or creating a vest like this, and I have not been able to find a good substitute online. Do any of you wonderfully resourceful and clever people have any suggestions (the easier/simpler the better)? I am at a loss.

Thank you!

P.S. Here is a link to a picture of Simon Tam if the image does not show up for you.


As Lemonie says, there are plenty of waistcoat patterns around (this particular style may be found most easily via steampunk websites), it's simply a matter of selecting the right fabric.

(I think the buttons are wrapped in the same fabric, by the way.)

An observation from Kitewife - waistcoats are harder than they look, as they are supposed to be lined.

Thank you! Just knowing that it is actually a waistcoat is helpful. And your steampunk observation should help me as well.

Both of these were great answers. Thanks again!