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Where can I get a capacitive touchscreen overlay kit for my laptop? Answered

My laptop is an Asus G72GX (very fast computer) that has a 17.3" screen with 16:9 aspect ratio. I would like to know where I can get capacitive (must be capacitive, resistive is old school and doesn't respond as well) touchscreen overlay kit. I've googled quite a a lot and though I've found some that fit my screen size, but they aren't capacitive. Since my computer runs both Windows 7 and Mac OS X Lion, it also needs to be compatible with Mac OS.

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I know this is rezzing a 3 yr old post, but it's a post that comes up on google searches.
Short answer, it's not possible.

Long Answer: Find a laptop that uses that same or compatible LCD panel but has a touchscreen. A good bet would be to look in that laptop's"family" for a touchscreen version of the computer.

If that fails, you can check the datasheets of the LCD panel you currently have with the datasheets of a touchscreen LCD panels of the same size and resolution. You're not looking for anything specific, but mostly that numbers are the same. Often, they'll have a pin-specification, so make sure things like power and signal are coming into the same. It's a gamble, but it might pay out.

This was posted long before the Windows 8 era of touchscreens where nearly every laptop these days has a touchscreen. Also I no longer have this laptop. I thought the touch in windows 7 was cool at the time, but now I have lost interest in it with Windows 8's terrible metro apps and the new tight Microsoft ecosystem that no one wants to use.

I figured it wasn't possible based on my own experiences of trying to specifically find a larger capacitive touchscreen overlay for my own laptops. Now, given enough time and money, no, not 'impossible'. So if it's semantics you're arguing then yes, I am wrong.

How many of those eBay finds are capacitive, and how many of those have a USB controller AND are over even 7” screen size? Elo and smarterglass are OEM and business centric, so you'll be lucky to get them to do business with you. Be super nice or tug on their social-responsibility heartstrings by posing as a struggling high school robotics team, maybe...

Just fyi: If you bother to read the rest of my post after the 2nd sentence, you'll see an actually novel idea on how to source a laptop touchscreen though.


3 years ago

How do you figure that is it not possible?

The OPs question itself quite clearly demonstrates the more than mere possibility but actual ubiquity of the technology of touchscreen overlays. He was just having difficulty finding a specific type of overlay for his particular purposes. Also, one of the replies from three years ago links to a company which sells all sorts of touchscreen overlays using quite a few different touch sensing technologies with suitability to different purposes. (The link to Elotouch.)

Also check out this ebay search which has touchscreen overlays for screens on tiny netbooks all the way up to giant televisions! http://www.ebay.com/bhp/touch-screen-overlay

As you mentioned, people do arrive here via google search results, heck, I did! Upon reading your sweeping declaration that a ubiquitous technology was impossible, I had to respond so that people searching for info are not dissuaded by bad advice.

I no longer have that laptop. I sold it to build a gaming desktop.

Microtouch used to be another high-quality manufacturer of capacitive touchscreens, back when those were almost always a custom item. I haven't used their products in the past decade, so I have no idea what current products and prices are.

How do I access their non-commercial products (specifically overlays) for a laptop in specific?

As I say: I haven't dealt with them recently. Contact them and ask.

You might want to try http://www.elotouch.com/ I deal with many of their touch screens on a daily basis!

How do I access their non-commercial products (specifically overlays) for a laptop in specific?