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Where can I get free rubber bands? Answered

They have to be out there somewhere... They're lurking in the shadows... They're watching me... I know there has to be some way to get free rubber bands and I would love some help finding them. Thank you! =-]


where can I get some

Rubber bands

i live in algeria i want some of reubber bends

Sixty years ago, when I was but a sprog and almost anything worth having was rationed here in the UK, we used to cut up old cycle and motorcar inner-tubes.

Often even better than the bought article, as we could vary the strength by cutting them narrower or wider, or get slightly longer ones by cutting at an angle across the tyre. Cycle tubes gave the narrowest rubber bands, and car tubes made massive ones. We found that motorcycle tubes made the best size for us - if we could get hold of the old tubes in reasonable condition. In those days many tubes were only discarded when there was no rubber left on which to stick a patch!

If you didn't need a band, you could of course cut lengthways into strips. I'll leave you to imagine the strength (and the consequences when the local bobby caught us) of a catapult powered by an inner-tube sourced rubber band.

Happily - in a small dockland community (totally vanished now) - the word soon got around and we'd find folks would often keep their old inner tubes for us.

if you live in england the postman drops the rubber bands that he uses to keep the post together on the floor.

Dang! I live in Washington, USA

me too!!!!! nah i live in georgia

Woot Woot! I wish I still lived in Georgia. My dad got transferred to Norfolk, VA. )-: 

I live in blacksburg VA (where the Virginia Tech massacre was)

 dang! where did you live in georgia? 

 HEHE, Ok, walmart normally has some spare ones if you ask around. Staples or target has them. If you ask the posty dude when he comes around he might have some, say a handful per day.

 Tell me your country, ive been to many.

Ask the logistics supervisor at Target if you can have some of the rubber bands that come off the shoe boxes. (they are large and  awesome) Our store used to just throw them away. 
Good luck.


8 years ago

Ask for them for what ever holiday you celebrate.

ask your neighbour, mine had 104,220 they didn't want, ill get pictures of the rubberband ball i made. You can also get them at your post office

Yeah, I tried at the Post Office, but it didn't work.
And my neighbors are all @$$E$.

lol i had trouble making it so i started and working on and off on it + its size of a ping pong ball now but i have a problem, when i couble lapp the bands they form a "nodule thingy"

go to the sewing section of a wal mart or something and you can find them all over the floor and stuff.

The shoe department as well, theyre scattered there.

I never thought of that... Thank you.

if you live in the UK, you can get millions and millions in a matter of seconds - ask a postman, look on the floor near where a post van is parked, theres a slight scandal at the moment because of the massive amounts that are wasted by them, just strewn across england by royal mail lol

Unfortunately I live in the U S of A... Thanks though.

Post-rooms tend to have them, ask people who work in large office-blocks, or ask a Mailman/woman? L

I'll try those. By the way, what do you mean by 'post-rooms'. Post office? Storage areas?

The guys that send the letters.

Thanks ya's! Do you check forums and questions like every hour? You're every where dude!

I check my comments 2-4 times a day, and i look around for interesting topics and Ibles 7-4 times a week :-) so that is kinda like every hour rofl