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Where can I make or buy a clock that is continuously moving round really fast? Answered

Much like this
i've also seen it in cartoons also. Would it be possible to buy or make one of these? if so where and how :o


As Frollard said below, a standard clockwork can be modified to do this. You should have some familiarity with working with geared systems and with small parts (know how to use a magnifier, jeweler's screwdrivers and tweezers/foreceps, etc.). The three hands of a standard clock are driven via a set of nested shafts which connect to gears inside the mechanism's box. If you open up the box, you can see this. You could replace most of the time-keeping mechanism with just three gears to engage the three shafts, and three independently controlled ultra-minature motors.

it would be easy enough to replace some of the parts in a real clock to make it move quickly, but not randomly. To have each hand doing its own thing would be quite difficult (but not impossible).