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Which do I post? Answered

I'm going to post the REAL MP5K!
I think I am going to show you how to make the rails too.


Looks a bit like mine...


Dude it's just an observation, i don't really care so calm down.

Isn't that because you both made a replica of the same gun?

Well there's that but the format is extremely similar.

Dude, Its a replica of the same gun, of coarse its gonna frickin look the same.

real life but curve the mag a little

Looks a little too small, but still looks more realistic than mine.

Its probably the most realistic one on the site. Its not just me who has said that, a lot of people have said so.

It is the most realistic on the site, but I was saying if you ever got the burning desire to make it even a little bit better...

Post the first one.

The pics are on photobucket and my image library. Go build it if you are dying, otherwise, a few days.


8 years ago

1st pic looks much better.

oOH! I likey! post!


8 years ago

post the real one, its way better!

put tactical rails on the first  (or show how do do it if you want) and it would rock!

I think I'm gonna post the first, and show people how to make the rails and larger magazine.

The first looks much better

I agree, but a few people have said otherwise. So far 4/4 people have said the normal one too.

The real-life version is much better.


8 years ago

add ironman rails to the "real" one, and curve the mag a bit. curve your "MW2" mag less, make the barrel end like the "real" version, and ditch the holo sight.
they will be better then.

I'm not sure if I can curve the mags much different, although I'll try. The MW2 does have the barrel where it is though. And, I already did ditch the holo sight.

The real life MP5k looks nice and clean.  The MW2 version looks ugly IMO. Post the real life version.