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Which is better for a lego gun slingshot or rachet? Answered

I'm making a new lego gun but i don't no which is better please answer.


Ratchet has the capability for true semi-auto, and as such, faster firing interval, but slingshot fires farther, because no power is lost by the collision. It all depends on what you're aiming for. Slingshots are typically implemented in snipers because of the range and accuracy, but ratchets are one of the few true semi-autos, so, I would say it depends on your preference, and what kind of gun you're aiming for (bad pun).

kNeXFreek is wrong. A ratchet holds the bands back and they fly forward and hit the ammo. A slingshot's rubberbands are gripped on the ammo already, and the trigger releases the ammo, and the bands fling the ammo forward.

i have made both types of guns more than once and i think the rachet looks better but the the slingshot is more powerful if made correctly

 sling is when the ammo is connected to the rubber band 

ratchet and slingshot are the same .
ratchet holds bands back and releases them. so that makes it a slingshot...