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Which of my guns do you like the most? Answered

- B.L.R. - 3 votes                                                         
- K.B.O.S -                                                       
- B.A.R. - 1 vote                                                          
- S.K.S.P. -                                                     
- RPD -
- Railgun Pistol -
- The Avenger -
- K'nex Shotgun -
- H.A.B.C. -
- K'nex Pseudo Semi Auto Pistol V2 -   
- Piece Efficient K'nex Turret Rifle -       

Please vote on which gun is the best. The voting ends on June 10th, so be sure to get your vote in before then. You are not allowed to vote for multiple guns; you must vote for only one gun.


Uhm not really actually, I'm finishing the I'ble for my shotgun.

Don't have much time and ideas actually... :(


I have a shotgun that uses KILLERK's shotgun shells. You load in one shell, cock the gun, and fire. When you fire the gun the shell automatically ejects out of the gun. It gets good range for a shotgun. I still need to post it. Other than that gun, I don't really have any other ideas of what to build.

That's absolutely great! Pretty innovative if you ask me.

KILLERK's shotgun shells? Pic?

Sorry for the late reply. Here is the forum topic about the shells. The shell is the thing on the end of the gun. The shell can hold 4 yellow rods, 8 white rods, or even 20 green rods.

Hmm, I think I'll choose the B.A.R.
I like the looks of it, and because it's bullpup.

You now have a permission slip that allows you to eat 101 cookies!!!! ( I am not liable for any illness that may occur from eating 101 cookies. ) =D


6 years ago

My favorite is the B.L.R.

Ok, you can see that I put "1 vote" next to the B.L.R. Thanks for voting. =D