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Who plays guitar and what style do you play? Answered

It's not really a fun question like gamer5's but who here plays guitar? if you do say that you play guitar and say what style music you play I play metal and rock (except danny i know what he plays


i play in a few bands out here in michigan and i am part owner of a recording studio we built. i play guitar in a metal band and i play guitar in a ska band, but my passion is punk, like the misfits, and dead kennedys

U2 stuff, just laid out Rock and Roll. Oh, and Bob Dylan does rock!

I play folk, things like bob dylan :D.

i play bass and i play metal and rock

freebird...sweet home...etc etc love em all

I play guitar. I play a style I call noob metal.

i play mostly 80s metal, malmsteen, vai, and zakks stuff

I play guitar and enjoy the 80s style made popular by Yngwie Malmsteen, Jake E Lee, John Sykes and Eddie Van Halen

Eruption is a lot of fun to play but you gotta learn "you really got me" as well I personally classify them as the same song....... ones just not as good without the other its not that hard to play......... the toughest part about playing it was remembering it. for the fist like year of playing it I'd always forget what was next after a few seconds of playing eventually I sat down and focused on it and played it 5 billion times in a row and finally remembered it

P.S. I play Electric/Acoustic guitar, Bass or anything else with strings....... I play sax (tenor and alto) piano/keyboard........... pretty much any instrument you hand me I'll give it an honest go. as for style. I'll play anything...........if you can tap your foot to it I'll jam it out.......... but I'm a rocker ...... if I had to choose

yeah same her i'll play any instrument you hand me even if i don't know how.

I am an old folkie who likes floyd, pistols, Bowie and Lynyrd Skynyrd

I have played an accoustic guitar already, but my fingers are a little short, and I was not really up for the pain it caused to practice....thus my switch to the harmonica LOL

you must mean death metal and it's not reall a fun question

maybe not a tad harsh, but probably a tad pole LOL (must have been feathers in that chicken sandwich I just had.....LOL)

never i just want to know who plays guitar and what the play and Weissensteinburg why do you have to be mean?

Why do you have to make 8 random topics that have nothing to do with the title of them?

i play metal, classic rock, and blues... mainly metal and blues though. out of curiosity... do you own a fender?

no i will pretty soon though i want a mexican strat. but right now i have a strat copie

well now i dont want a strat i dont like the necks! but i have a squier sa 100 acoustic

i play guitar but i dont really have a style


10 years ago

dont play guitar but i play bass if i did though i would play metal/punk like rise against


10 years ago

um yes, you know i do! i play metal metal and more metal some clasic and some punk

i know you do i wanted to see what other people play