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Whos getting black ops for the wii? Answered

Just wondering, whos getting black ops for the wii? im getting it the day it comes out.



7 years ago

Kinda late, but I need your help:) I never had call of duty and I only have a wii, but is cod for wii bad? And I hate the aiming with Xbox, is aiming with wii good?

its actually quite good, the graphics arent as good but they are still good, once your into the game you wont even notice them... the aiming is way better than the xbox, you can move it around anywhere, it will take some time to get used to the aiming tho... hope this helps =D

Yeah thanks, I think it isn't a great problem, coz I'm not used to other styles of playing coz I never did it:D

no probz =D btw, cod 4 on the wii is way better, dont buy black ops, its terrible

Ok, thanks for the information! do you mean cod 'modern warfare' 4? (just asking, I don't know if there are other, I'm 100% noob lol)

yes, its call of duty 4 (modern warfare 1) XD

ah okay thanks:) hahaha yeah sorry I don't know anything .. ::P

It's technically the 4th Call of Duty game (not counting spinoffs) but it's the first in the Modern Warfare series. And because it's different for Wii, it's called the Reflex version. I wouldn't get it though. BO operates much better. There are things I don't like, but I wouldn't go back to MWR.

uhmm well yeah I can't compare because I haven't played one of them once, so I think I just get Modern Warfare to learn it and then I'll see...

didnt go prestige, i think its a waste, if i did tho i would be like 5th prestige =D

You should add me i cant get my ally code but could you send me yours my game name is (W.M.A)reaper11.Also if you want you can join my clan if your good enough.

ok, look at my friends code topic... kool, i guess im okkk, 15500 killz, like 2100 headshots and got to 19th in the world at the best, what rank are you? im 50, hate prestige...

I added you and your not lvl 50 but i want to face you in a one on one fight see how good you are.

kool! ye i was playin combat trainnin last nite lol, ok kool ill go on in about 1 hour

Wow you pretty good man to bad i lost internet connection sorry about that but we should do a match with just thomahalks and ballistic knives i love doing that.

I want to badly :D

I don't know when I'll get it for when it comes out on the 3rd, but I'm deffinately getting it for the wii

I don't know, I just know that it's on the 3rd or th 9th. I'm also looking forward to getting the new zelda.

its out here on the 9th and everywhere else it is too i think. kool

Alright check your inbox for mw1 for the wii, you know my friend code. BTw can you give me yours too?

No, because I don't play online modern warfare very much anymore, I now do black ops.

I will in Black Ops, but I won't if you live in the UK or whatever because the time zones, if you live in America then I will. Reply back to me first and I'll send my friend code to your inbox here on ibles.

kool... ill put a topic for my friends code on mw1 and black ops later on today

Played on wii and its not great i have it on xbox

ok, thats your opinion, i absolutle hate the xbox one, i find the aiming very sh*t

its probably a lot better if you use the wii zapper just i was borrowing from my friend and the wii is really my sister's so i don't have any games or gun wiimote holder things.