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Why do we have to go through the admin. to change our usernames? Answered

I do understand to a point, for keeping things from getting out of hand with inappropriate text, and I agree with that part, but, I don't agree that we need to wait for the change and the eye over our shoulder in this accelerated www. There are programs out there to filter out and work with the feeds and to keep things lined up right. And, why is it that way; that we need to be monitored here in Instructibles concerning our user-names. We are supposed to have intelligent enough caps on that make us decent people; being that we already have the capacity to be productive members in society, inventive and resourceful, helpful, and competitive for all purposes in research and creating stuff that is new, or old stuff revisited.

Is this site that bad? When someone gets inappropriate with things, they have to have outside correction, and then they get watched for avoidance of any future haps because of past haps.

This scenario seems to be the case here too, as with countless other sites; but all members get affected through blanket rules brought on by the ones who would show their colors in the lack of their morals.

I would ask all who would otherwise give no caring thoughts and understanding on how you would present yourselves on the internet or in the life around you; please rethink how you would put yourself out there for others to see and read about, talk to or have accounts with. The way you look and appear to people who don't want their site trashed with that type of garbage of inappropriateness, is going to make Admins make blanket rules to counter-battle it, thus affecting all users, and creating the atmosphere of distrust in the site among the users ~vs~ the admins.

I also wish you well in your future for making good choices that affect you and many who you don't even know in this world that would otherwise experience unfortunate reasoning and control factors as a result of the ugliness that has to be cleaned up...

We are all a part of the community in this world, we need to respect ourselves more by carrying a good set of morals and using them ( I don't mean get bigger egos, or fine tune so we can lash back when confronted by our own garbage output). You would be amazed at how different your lives would be, along with the people around you. You'll gain much more respect than you have now; trust me, I know it from my own changes to become a better person. 

Start with a smile to some one, It would make people feel happy and smile back; present yourselves with discretion and respectfulness, you should see changes quickly...much respect and trust is to be gained... (c-:


There are a limited number of nicks that people think of. As a result, making a nick change isn't usually offered as a normal ability because it presents a challenge to providing name spaces for other users. Select a nick and live with it. If your conduct results in the frequent need to change your nick, consider changing your online behavior so that you don't have to go into hiding all the time..

Yes, I can see alot of the response to my ? would be reasonable in various way or instances, however, this was my point;

-->I wonder if the usernames could be checked with a data base against others to be sure other people don't already have it, and then as that is happening; an electronic (not human; so as to not load him up with too much to handle) filter to look at the text/wording for offensive or inappropriateness, and be able to convey an ending result to either allow you it or deny it; -within the same open screen process that a person is in in the first place to get things set up. The checking against a data base for repeats already taken is done already in many other places.

I have nothing to hide in my online behavior/conduct, never needed to change a user name for hiding my self; I don't do that. I only would like to change it because I have a preference for a better one, -not to "frequently" change it for reasons of bad or offensive behavior. I am a respectable individual who is very interested in this site, and as in all online activities, I am not going to behave in any way or anywhere close to what one would want to hide from. I am not like that; don't want to be. It would be destructive and degrading of myself and to others I would be in contact with.

My only point for speaking of this is based out of the inconvenience made available of having to go through someone and have to wait as it says up to approx a week for response or approval. I may want to change my username to have it look or sound better, and feel as if I have to get/wait for approval, rather than be honored the request if it is an appropriate and not already used one.

1>When I accidently type my email wrong in any site, I am immediately notified, obviously and seemingly faster than human speed, that it is not a valid email address.
2>As I would go from page to page, filling out forms to do online business or a registering, or verification process of certain types of info; I seem to always get something that is there to see that my info is correct, or correctly entered in a certain format.
3>While I would set up/create a new email address account somewhere-anywhere; a data base is checked for repeats on the spot, no need to possibly wait up to a week, or for approval.

--->Now, if I, a tiny-tine-tyny-tyne speck in the world of the internet, is so important that I would have those types of processes follow me while I navigate and do stuff in life via the www, then why isn't anyone seeing my point here and realizing that it could be better in this particular type of process, and that if we would want to change something, like our passwords can be- or browsers- or opperating systems, email addresses, etc; It would be done as soon as was implemented. -maybe special or extraordinary cases to get some delay exception, to fix something.

I am sure some one in the tech world has figured out how to create the flaging, or reporting an offense process, and be able to have the admins the be able to track down the offender, at their will, thru a user-name code attachment or some thing similar that would be part of the process of getting a user name created. -Now when someone wants to make a change; the code stays and gets (electronically-hint-hint) attached to the new user name, so the activity and conduct will follow the user. They would also still "own" what they say and do. Then the admins get happier people and be able to make discretionary moves, notices or bans or account deletions in worse cases.

anyone??? -am I unreasonable to have this concern?

I am sorry this is so long; Thank you all for your input and patience... (c-:

I agree with the idea that Instructables, like other sites, should have immediate response to most user settings changes.

However, I still think that nicks in particular should be chosen with care by members, and I think that many admins of social sites (Instructables is, after all a community site) don't want to have to deal with side issues that may arise as the result of frequent nick changes, including difficulty tracking misbehavior, assigning provenance to a person's ideas, etc.

Sorry for any implication re: 'if your behavior'. Not intended personally...

The allusion to ones personal behavior comes from my participation in anther group where one participant has changed their nick about a dozen times in the last year, ast least in part (imo) because of their periodic misconduct  towards women, followed by reticence and a new name (for  awhile, anyway), making it very distracting for normal communication and leaving me and others in the awkward position of dealing with it once again. But it applies to those who do so only because of the <<Cool>> factor just as well. For instance, I don't like repeating myself time and time again because I don't realize that I've already said 'such and such' to a given person. If you don't fit the bill, well, it was nothing personal, just my latest experience with "easy" nick changes.I understand why some sites make it more difficult, especially community sites...

I expect it's reluctance more than database issue.

If it is database issues, then something's not written right. a database table's (ex: User) column contents (ex: :nick) change should not require loss of data, and if the user contents are referenced to their nick, rather than a standard id#, there's something totally screwed up that I'd prefer not to get involved with in any way or shape, since that's a sloppy method of db management. Failing those highly unlikely conditions,

I expect if they think anything like me, they may be reluctant to make it easy, because even if it's easy for you, it makes it far more difficult for them and the rest of us due to the distraction of cascaded community confusion

Think of it as resistance, rather than an open circuit. It's still available, it's just you have to ask for it rather than commanding it.

Personally, I find it annoying and irritating to deal with somebody who keeps changing their name.

It makes it very hard to keep track of who says what to whom, and gets in the way of building up the kind of rapport or relationship* that makes a genuine community, as opposed to a bunch of people using the same website.

*I count a number of members here as personal friends, even though I have never met them in person, nor am I likely to.

+1  +2.  If it were up to me, nick changes would be much fewer and much further in between - real close to zero.
.  I'm just now getting used to Adrian Monk changing to Lithium Rain. :)

As the 3 others have already stated:

1) It's not to oppress you, or anyone else.

2) The internet is not 'that' anonymous. On a COMMUNITY site, if the only identifiable portion of your existance was your username, and you changed it, you would essentially cease to exist. There are occasions where this is absolutely necessary -- and there are facilities to make this happen.

3) "the users versus the admins". It is their site. Don't take this the wrong way but: "if you don't like it, you are free to leave; noone is forcing you to be here".

4) It is not to filter content, but if you want to take part in the conversation, you have to own your words -- no fly-by-night commenting anonymously (or changing your name after a comment). Inappropriate content is dealth with through banning which spans more than a username.

I concur with Steveastrouk & Kelseymh, but also if changing user name was a simple user option there would be a proportion (probably small) that would change their user names on a frequent basis just because they could or because the name they chose became unsuitable (changed clothes/shoes/girlfriend/boyfriend/school.......) and it would lead to a nightmare trying to ensure that there was continuity across the site.

I guess the answer is think hard before you choose your user name - it will follow you for the rest of your internet life!

Not forgetting the sheer confusion of changing names for people trying to find information.


Huh? Why do you think that database modifications are some sort of personal affront? You need to go through the companies Staff to change your username because it is used as a database key in many different places, and doing the change "by hand" is currently the simplest way to make sure nothing gets broken.